Dylan Sauerwald, Director

Händel in the House of Ruspoli (CD preorder)


Händel in the House of Ruspoli (CD preorder)


Corrine Byrne, soprano
Jeremy Rhizor and Jude Ziliak, violin
Keiran Campbell, cello
Dylan Sauerwald, harpsichord and direction

Expected Release Spring 2019

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In summer 1707, a 22 year-old Handel moved into the Palazzo Bonelli, home of Marchese Francesco Maria Ruspoli. Like JS Bach many years later, he produced a cantata a week, for performance and discussion on Sunday evenings alongside performers which included the legendary violinist Arcangelo Corelli and soprano Margherita Durastanti. That summer, in a Roman palace, among the world's greatest musicians, Händel wrote some of the most explosive, daring, and intense music of his life, and the influences he absorbed during his time in the house of Ruspoli remained with him forever afterward. 

On this disc:
Cantata: Tu fedel, tu costante? HWV 171
Trio Sonata in G minor HWV 391
Cantata: Armida Abbandonata HWV 105
Trio Sonata in F major HWV 392
Cantata: Notte placida e cheta HWV 142